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Buy Lavender Online UK

Buy Lavender Online UK

Dive into the world of Lavender, a cannabis strain that promises not just an escape but an enthralling journey. Born from a rich lineage of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghan Hawaiian, Lavender presents an irresistible blend of aromas – from sweet floral notes to an old-school skunky aroma. Its dark hue, sprinkled with vibrant pistils and generously covered in trichomes, offers a visual treat. However, it’s not just the aesthetics; Lavender’s profound relaxing effects, combined with its potential therapeutic benefits, make it a strain worth exploring. Whether one is seeking relief from pain stress, or merely a momentary escape, Lavender promises an experience like no other.


The Lavender cannabis strain showcases a remarkable aesthetic, presenting as a solid bud. The sample possesses a deep, exotic look, suggesting meticulous drying. The trim job is exquisite. Its darker hue is contrasted by vibrant pistils sporadically dominating the bud’s surface. Its trichome coverage further cements the strain’s allure, offering a clear promise of quality.


A gentle whiff of Lavender introduces the senses to a light floral note, underscored by an enticing sweetness. Though not initially overpowering, grinding the bud releases an intoxicating old-school skunky aroma intermingled with subtle spiciness.


While Lavender might not initially make a pronounced statement in terms of flavour, especially when experienced through a bong, perseverance reveals its hidden charm. Using hemp wick brought forth its genuine character – a mild, sweet, floral aftertaste that lingers pleasantly on the palate.


Lavender offers a pronounced indica experience. Rather than inducing elation, it immerses the user in a soothing embrace of relaxation. This might suggest a prominent presence of the terpene linalool. Just a few minutes post inhalation, its potency becomes palpable, hinting at its utility for pain relief.

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