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Buy Divine Storm Online UK

Buy Divine Storm Online UK

Divine Storm is an impressively flavoursome Indica-dominant cannabis strain that crosses Divine Gelato and Slurricane. Its lively bouquet carries hints of sweet cherry. Consumers report good levels of relaxation and nerve-soothing benefits. Be aware – this cannabis cultivar is best enjoyed during the nighttime for a restful experience.


Divine Storm displays visually striking buds with oversized diamond-shaped structures. These nugs have a dark olive green hue, accentuated by deep purple undertones. Sparse orange hairs complement the vibrant colouration, while a generous coating of milky amber crystal trichomes adds a frosty touch to the overall appearance.


The aroma of Divine Storm is enchanting. It carries a sweet and fruity apple scent that is refreshing and enticing. The fragrance is further enhanced by creamy vanilla notes with subtle hints of light earthiness and pine. Together, these aromas create an inviting olfactory experience.


When indulging in Divine Storm, the taste profile is a sensory treat. It offers a sweet and creamy fruity apple flavour reminiscent of a delectable sweet apple pie. The exhale brings forth delightful hints of creamy vanilla, providing a satisfying and well-rounded experience.


Divine Storm delivers what some consumers call an otherworldly high encompassing the mind and body. The initial onset of the high occurs a few minutes after inhalation, gradually building up to a whirlwind of focused mental energy. This heightened mental clarity is accompanied by a numbing sensation that envelops the body, inducing deep relaxation. As the experience unfolds, the intense focus gives way to a gentle, sleepy happiness that lulls the consumer into a tranquil state. With its soothing properties, Divine Storm is frequently sought after for its therapeutic effects. It is known to provide relief for conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, chronic stress, depression, muscle spasms and cramps.

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