Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

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Do You Guarantee Arrival Of Package?

If a customer uses their correct address your package will always arrive without problem. When a customer changes their address after we have shipped your order we cannot change it as all our packages are one way trips that are non-returnable. Currently we have never had a package go missing when a customer follows instructions.

How Do You Package Shipment?

We use a unique “stealth” and DOUBLE VACUUM SEAL packaging that prevents customs from finding what’s inside, even if they open the package to inspect. However, there is no mention of marijuana on the package. We use stealth packages on all packages for the safety of our valued customers and they will never have any problems with customs

Am I Going To Get Into Trouble For Making An Order ?

Here at high420, We have been operating for years and have never once had a client get in trouble or have any police problems. Also, we do not keep any incriminating long-term records. So, our team works to ensure your safety. However, remember to be discreet on your end as well.

Do You Give Shipping Tracking Number For My Order ?

Yes. Once you complete an order , we will register your package for shipping and then give you tracking number for your order.

Do You Ship Worldwide ?

Yes. We understand the desperate nature of people for cannabis medication , so we offer worldwide delivery .

Can I Order Large Orders?

YES. We ship small and large orders in a single shipment than what is listed on our product page. This again is to ensure, and maintain our perfect record and safety when shipping to our customers. You can however, order multiple orders on our page at once.

Who Is Illegible To Order?

For you to make an order with Big high420 , You MUST be 18+. We do not sell to people below 18 years

Who Handle Your Order ?

All high420 workers who handle and ship your order are Health licensed. All hold proper documents and are licensed to grow, transport and consume marijuana.