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Buy Double Funk Online UK

Buy Double Funk Online UK

Double Funk is an exquisite cannabis strain bred by Karma Genetics that entices with its olive-green nugs, richly adorned with amber crystal trichomes. With a distinct aroma that melds pungency with sour undertones, this strain promises a robust experience. Particularly effective for conditions like chronic pain and stress, its captivating effects and unique flavour profile make it stand out in the vast world of cannabis.


Double Funk showcases a compelling look with its olive green, popcorn-shaped nugs. These fluffy, heavy buds are accentuated with orange pistils and a generous layer of amber crystal trichomes. When viewed under good lighting, Double Funk offers a more uniform colour palette, with light green shades in stark contrast with the pistils. A hint of old-school appearance can be seen in its form, and while the calyxes aren’t densely stacked, the stickiness hints at its potent THC content.


Unmistakably complex, Double Funk’s aroma is an interplay of strong, spicy and sour undertones. These are especially prominent when you take a whiff from the pot it’s stored in. When broken, the bud releases a slightly sweeter scent, eventually giving way to its signature spice and a touch of gas, which may remind some of the Headbanger strain. While less gassy than the Headbanger, its distinct profile also hints at a sourness that’s quite pervasive.


The Double Funk’s flavour profile is intriguing. When smoked, it offers a clean, smooth experience with little hint of its taste. However, when vaped, it unveils its true colours. The taste is predominantly sour and spicy, contrasted with a cookie-like sweetness. This sour note likely owes its origin to the Sour Dubble genetics. While its taste is distinct, it might not align with everyone’s palate.


A powerful strain, Double Funk’s effects are nothing short of mesmerizing. Beginning with an initial wave of relaxation, it progresses to induce a sense of happiness. As its power intensifies, you might observe heightened light sensitivity and significantly reduced cognitive sharpness, making conversations challenging.

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