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Buy Blueberry Online UK


Often celebrated in the annals of cannabis history, the Blueberry weed strain owes its genesis to the ingenious endeavors of renowned breeder DJ Short. In a masterstroke of horticultural alchemy, he melded the exotic attributes of Highland Thai and Purple Thai, subsequently infusing them with the robust characteristics of Afghani Indica. This meticulous crossbreeding birthed a strain of distinction, boasting an Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis composition, skirting the ratios of approximately 70/20/10.

For cultivators with a penchant for excellence, the Blueberry strain offers more than just its illustrious heritage. When one embarks on the journey of germinating its seeds, they are embarking on a promise: a potential yield that could burgeon to a lavish 21 ounces. Such prodigious output, coupled with the strain’s storied lineage, underscores Blueberry’s enduring appeal in the verdant world of cannabis cultivation.


Heralded as “Berry Blue” in certain circles, Blueberry is a lustrous Indica marijuana strain masterfully crafted by melding the unique attributes of Purple Thai, Thai, and Afghan strains. Cementing its legacy, particularly after bagging the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000 for Best Indica, Blueberry traces its genesis to the late 1970s. This was when the American breeder DJ Short began his quest, experimenting with many exotic landrace strains. As the years progressed, Blueberry’s genetics became an open book, eagerly embraced and distributed by seed banks and horticulturalists worldwide. When you set eyes on Blueberry, you’ll notice the small, dense buds that are a hallmark of Indica-dominant strains. The lush forest green of the leaves is punctuated occasionally by bursts of red and purple, colours amplified by the cool conditions during its growth phase. These buds are blanketed with almost translucent trichomes, which bestow upon them a sticky essence, often necessitating a grinder for easier usage.


Living up to its namesake, Blueberry permeates the air with a delightful bouquet akin to freshly picked blueberries, harmonizing effortlessly with its serene effects.


On tasting, the berry profile is pronounced, dancing on the palate with undertones of saccharine richness.


Blueberry’s potency is not to be underestimated. Even for the cannabis connoisseur, this strain provides an enveloping physical embrace that might deter one from activities requiring precision. Ideal for moments of introspection or relaxation, its effects instil a profound sense of peace. While traces of its sativa lineage might spark cerebral vigour, the dominant aura is euphoric joy, which might occasionally manifest as bouts of laughter or increased sociability. However, if one’s not cautious, overindulgence can render a profound state of inertia, making Blueberry best reserved for tranquil evenings.

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