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Buy Disco Biscuit Online UK

Buy Disco Biscuit Online UK

Disco Biscuit is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by Underground Originals, which was born from a cross between the renowned Girl Scout Cookies and UGORG strains. This cultivar delivers a high with an uplifting cerebral effect, instilling a tingling sense of happiness that leaves the mind soaring. As the mind ascends, a soothing body tingle gradually takes over, inducing deep relaxation and an unexpected appetite surge.

With a hefty THC level averaging over 22%, Disco Biscuit is often chosen for its effects, which may alleviate appetite loss or nausea, depression, chronic pain, and stress. Its flavour profile suggests a sweet floral tone with an undercurrent of earthy diesel. Disco Biscuit buds are small, rounded, and vibrantly neon green with deep purple undertones, adorned with bright amber hairs and a dense coating of purple-tinged white crystal trichomes.


Fancy a blast from the past? Disco Biscuit brings an old-school charm reminiscent of the cheese/blues buds. With its dark green hue, speckled with brighter pistils, it’s a looker. However, unlike some modern, glittery strains, it doesn’t flaunt trichomes, yet don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s any less potent!


Before diving in, take a deep sniff. There’s a sweet, creamy aroma reminiscent of cookies waiting to greet you. But give the bud a little grind, and suddenly, you’re hit with a blast of cheesy spice reminiscent of a proper old cheddar left too long on the cheese board.


Get your bong out for this one because Disco Biscuit is a treat! There’s a delightful creamy exhale that’s as smooth as a cuppa on a cold day. If vaping’s more your speed, you’re in for an equally fabulous ride. It offers a delightful creamy, biscuity flavour paired with a cheeky, spicy kick. Bit of a toss-up on which is better.


While its name might suggest a dancing, upbeat vibe, Disco Biscuit takes a more laid-back approach. The high is as relaxing as sinking into a well-worn armchair after a long day, but without making you feel glued to it. There’s a playful mix of cheese and cookies highs, making for a powerful yet comfy experience. Great for an afternoon chill or even a lazy morning if you’re feeling cheeky.

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Gram, Eighth (3.5g), Quarter (7g), Ounce (28g)


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