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Buy Cherry Cola Online UK

Buy Cherry Cola Online UK

Cherry Cola results from a tasteful fusion of Cherry Cookies with Zkittlez BX1 and is a mainly Indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica, 30% sativa). Known for its exquisite flavour mirroring a fruity cherry drink, the effects of this strain cater to those seeking a calming evening experience. The palate is greeted with sweet fruitiness infused with a subtle hint of herbal spice. Its scent harmonises this unique profile, merging spicy herbs, sweet cherries, and refreshing berries.


This variety presents a damp, icy visage – its near-blue, almost silvery hue is contrasted beautifully by the fiery orange burst of its pistils. The bud composition is pleasantly structured and commendably compact, with vestiges of the leaf bases still evident. The specimen is lavishly coated with trichomes, which subtly alter the bud’s hue, bestowing upon it an even more ethereal pallor.


The distinct aroma of Cherry Cola is unforgettable. It emanates a delightful scent of sweet berries and cherries, complemented by hints of mint and diesel. This unique combination creates an enticing fragrance that enthralls the senses.


When consumed, Cherry Cola delivers a remarkable flavour experience. Smokers will relish its distinctive cherry taste, accompanied by sweet berry undertones. The presence of mint and diesel notes adds complexity to the overall flavour profile, making it a memorable and enjoyable strain to savour.


Cherry Cola boasts a significant THC level of up to 18%, making it well-suited for seasoned cannabis users. The strain induces a powerful body high that is enhanced by feelings of euphoria and sedation. It serves as a pleasant companion in the evening or at night, providing relief from muscle tension. Additionally, Cherry Kola has a mind-altering effect, described as pleasant yet somewhat elusive. It can induce couch lock and facilitate deep sleep.

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