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Buy Gigantuan Automatic UK

Buy Gigantuan Automatic UK

Gigantuan Auto, a marvel from the house of Aztech Genetics, is a testament to organic auto-flowering brilliance. Each bud tells a story, shimmering with frosty trichomes, promising a heady trip down the memory lanes of classic cannabis. Its scent is a symphony of traditional and Afghanica notes, teasing the senses and kindling one’s curiosity. As you indulge, Gigantuan Auto ensures a memorable ride—an auto-flowering smooth hit, a lingering taste, and a profound relaxation that captivates both body and soul. Dive into this review to unravel the wonders of this intriguing strain.


Gigantuan Auto, a delightful treat from Aztech Genetics, boasts an enticing appearance. Its well-presented buds are blanketed in a layer of frosty trichomes, punctuated with vibrant, yet not overly zealous, pistils. The density of the nug is palpable, offering a gentle resistance when lightly squeezed. The dual-shade nature of the buds I examined, each shimmering with its distinct frosty hue, adds an exquisite visual depth reminiscent of a jeweller’s carefully curated showcase.


Gigantuan Auto’s aroma transports one to the storied cannabis fields of yesteryear. At first, you’re greeted with a traditional cannabis scent, the kind that wafts into one’s nostrils unexpectedly. On closer intimacy, especially when one indulges in a direct whiff from its container, the aroma unfolds. Afghanica influences weave in, revealing old-school woody and earthy undertones. Once ground, these notes intensify, promising a sophisticated olfactory journey.


Sampling Gigantuan Auto through a trusty bong unveils its intricate flavour profile. The smoke is remarkably smooth, with the bong offering a chilled, flavour-rich hit, especially pronounced on the exhale. The old-school critical flavour shines through without any acrid bite. With the two bowls I ventured with, Gigantuan Auto stood out, delivering an unmatched smoking experience.


True to its Indica-dominant heritage, Gigantuan Auto induces profound body relaxation, letting you decelerate life’s frenetic pace momentarily. The effects belie its demure appearance, hitting with an intensity one wouldn’t expect from a strain seemingly sitting in the 13–18% THC bracket. Yet, this beauty packs over 22% THC. It doesn’t stop at the body; the high elevates the mind, presenting an uplifting mental canvas courtesy of the critical lineage.

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