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Buy Biker Mouse Online UK

Buy Biker Mouse Online UK

Biker Mouse is an exclusive clone-only phenotype of Old Dirty Biker. Black Sheep Botanicals discovered this cultivar in a pack of ODB seeds. Old Dirty Biker is a discontinued strain by Karma Genetics and is the result of the original Exodus Cheese cut from Lady Sativa Genetics crossed with Karma’s own Biker Kush male.

With its pronounced cheese characteristics, Biker Mouse stands out from its genetic siblings, earning it its unique name.


Biker Mouse is a visual delight, boasting an old-school charm with vibrant green nuances reminiscent of the classic skunk strains. Predominantly, it channels attributes from its revered parent, Exodus Cheese. Although the pistils are subtly presented, the bud structure echoes characteristics akin to cheese. Expertly trimmed, its appearance is pristine and undoubtedly worthy of premium status in any dispensary.


Its aroma is captivating, harmonising the sweet pungent notes of cheese with the inherent earthiness of Biker Kush, celebrated for its dominant OG genetics. Upon breaking the bud, one is greeted by an overpoweringly rich scent that leaves an indelible impression.


In terms of flavour, Biker Mouse truly shines. When consumed through a bong, the dense, smooth smoke embodies the essence of a potent cheese hybrid. When vaped, especially using the Mighty vaporiser, the strain promises a transcendent experience with a sweet, potent, and delightful vapour.


Biker Mouse ensures rapid onset of its effects, brilliantly blending the euphoric cheese high with the pronounced strength of Biker Kush. This hybrid delivers a cheerful, conversational high, elevating moods almost instantaneously. Its robust potency earmarks it as an ideal strain for evening relaxation.


Cultivating Biker Mouse is a gardener’s dream. Demonstrating versatility, it thrives in diverse environments and offers generous yields, marking its suitability for both indoor and outdoor farming.

Biker Mouse’s cultivation journey offers a rather straightforward experience, especially favourable for novices. Falling under the category of photoperiod plants, its flowering phase is relatively swift, typically spanning between 55 to 58 days. By the time you approach the 63rd day, these plants are primed for harvest.

When it comes to yield, Biker Mouse stands out considerably, especially in outdoor environments. Cultivators can expect a generous return of around 15 to 20 ounces per plant, approximately translating to 550 grams for each plant. Indoor cultivation, while producing a bit less, still provides an impressive yield ranging from 1 to 2 ounces per square foot, equating to about 400 grams per square metre.

Considering the physical stature of the plant, indoor cultivation sees Biker Mouse maintaining a compact and manageable size, standing between 30 to 60 inches tall. Meanwhile, when given the space to flourish outdoors, it stretches a bit more, reaching heights between 60 to 80 inches. The manageable height range, combined with its impressive yields and straightforward cultivation requirements, reinforces Biker Mouse’s appeal to both novice and seasoned growers alike.


Its terpene profile is characterised by the unmistakable essence of cheese. While the exact composition might differ, the cheesy, skunky, and earthy undertones are consistently discernible, enriching the user’s experience.

Medical Properties

Biker Mouse exhibits therapeutic potential. Its euphoric and calming properties make it an apt choice for managing stress and mood-related concerns. Its potential analgesic traits can be instrumental in mitigating physical discomfort, while its appetite-stimulating effects can assist those grappling with appetite issues.


Biker Mouse, as reviewed, emerges as a stellar strain this year. Black Sheep Botanicals’ meticulous cultivation is palpable in its uniform quality, silky smoking experience, and pronounced terpene expression. Merging an appealing visual presence with a compelling aroma, delectable taste, and immersive effects, it stands as a top contender for cannabis aficionados. Celebrating its illustrious lineage, Biker Mouse is undoubtedly the epitome of cannabis excellence.

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