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Buy B29 OG Online UK

Buy B29 OG Online UK

B29 OG is a rare British-bred cannabis strain by Jay from B28 Genetics. However, this cultivar is a hybrid cross of two strains we know and love, which you can find added to our strain base.

The B29 OG strain is a rare hybrid cross of Green Crack X Holy Grail Kush. I’ve been lucky enough to sample both of the parent strains grown by the same grower, and I can say that this comes from exceptional genetics stock.


Straight away, looking at this sample, I’m impressed with this bud:

It looks fantastic – the bud is presented well, with an excellent trim job and good coloration.

The trichome coverage is heavy, and the pistils aren’t as apparent or wildly protruding as some other recently-covered strains


The B29 OG sample captures a delicious sweet pungency that reminds me a lot more of the Green Crack side than the Hold Grail in its makeup.

When I break this bud open, the scent given off is a rich and complex dank cannabis aroma, one which screams top quality bud before I’ve even smoked any.


I sampled the B29 OG strain through my bong this week and can report that the taste is incredible. The complex flavor notes hit my tongue at the start of the exhale and left a lovely weedy aftertaste after the smoke had all gone.

It’s smooth through the bong, but the smoke is also quite voluminous, meaning I did cough a bit after the hit.

Those were two of the nicest bongs I’ve had in ages!


The B29 OG strain delivers a hybrid high, leaning much closer towards the Green Crack side of its genetics.

I got a notable uplift that only increased in intensity as both bongs kicked in. I was still treated to some mild relaxation, but I’d put this one down as a daytime smoke.

It felt very strong, but wasn’t the fastest acting, taking 5 or so minutes to become fully realised.


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Gram, Eighth (3.5g), Quarter (7g), Ounce (28g)


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