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Buy Berry Split Online UK

Buy Berry Split Online UK

The Berry Split cultivar stands as a testament to the expert breeding prowess of Kent Valley Farms. This hybrid weed strain is the result of a harmonious blend between the popular cut of Crockett Family Farms’ Sour Banana Sherbet and Buddoctor’s Crushed Berries. The union of these two renowned strains promises an aromatic and flavourful experience that is both unique and memorable.


The Berry Split buds present a lively mix of vibrant green tones, light trichomes, and deep orange pistils. Although the buds are generally well-formed, their appearance is slightly untidy, bearing a striking resemblance to the Mataro Blue strain.


Berry Split releases an intoxicating fragrance, reminiscent of crushed berries. This initial sweetness soon gives way to a more pronounced gassy undertone. Upon breaking the bud, a spice-infused aroma emerges, bearing hints of cinnamon and, upon closer inspection, subtle notes of nutmeg.


Smoking the Berry Split weed strain offers a smooth experience. Vaporizing the strain reveals a flavour profile that stays true to its name: a burst of pungent berry taste and a surprising gassy depth. Interestingly, the vapour appeared to ease the reviewer’s chest tightness, suggesting a possible menthol-like effect from one of the strain’s terpenes.


Consumers of Berry Split can expect a deeply relaxing stone that prominently affects the body, marking it as a hybrid variety. The strain’s potency is quickly felt, notably evident in the reviewer’s eyes. As documented during filming, Berry Split seems most apt for afternoon or evening use, though its adaptable nature also lends itself well for daytime consumption.


Berry Split, encased in its quality-driven packaging, is an aromatic masterpiece, harmonizing berry notes with hints of gas and spice. Its flavour, consistent with its aromatic profile, marries berry undertones with unexpected gassy nuances. Recognisably a hybrid, its effects are profoundly relaxing, making it an adaptable choice for different times of the day. The combination of its packaging, scent, flavour, and impact solidify its esteemed position, marking it as a premium choice for cannabis aficionados.

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