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Buy Kurokush Online UK

Buy Kurokush Online UK

The world of cannabis welcomes a new star – KuroKush. A product of a collaborative effort between the renowned Spanish seed bank Nemeseeds and the trailblazing UK Sludge Metal Band Kurokuma, this strain is nothing short of a masterpiece. At first glance, its dark, metallic matte hue speaks of its metal-inspired origins. But, delve deeper, one discovers a complex olfactory journey of dark fruits, earthy musk, and fizzy undertones. The effects? A crescendo of relaxation that starts gently, only to engulf with an intense euphoria. Every puff of KuroKush is an experience, a story – of music, passion, and unparalleled craftsmanship.


The KuroKush strain instantly draws attention with its distinct metallic hue, reminiscent of the dark and wild worlds of heavy metal. Unlike the typical vibrant and lush green cannabis buds, KuroKush boasts a unique matte appearance. The intriguing interplay of colours and its somewhat rugged look, akin to the likes of Trainwreck, is a testament to its intricate genetics.


A whiff of KuroKush evokes an intricate bouquet of scents, primarily dark, fruity notes underpinned by a musky, earthy aroma. When one tries to break apart the bud, the terpenes unfurl even more, introducing fizzy berry and apple undertones. Some enthusiasts might find semblances with the fruit notes characteristic of Mother of Berries, but KuroKush ensures its scent remains unparalleled.


The KuroKush experience is incomplete without commenting on its exquisite flavour. As one draws from a bong, the smoke, thick yet velvety, coolly cascades into the lungs without provoking any bouts of coughing. The palate is treated to a mix of earthy and fruity notes, accentuated with a signature muskiness. Vaping, on the other hand, brings forth more pronounced dark fruity flavours, complemented by a fizzy sensation that intrigues more than it describes.


The impact of KuroKush is a masterclass in contrasts. Initial puffs bestow a soothing sensation upon the body, leaving the mind mostly untethered. However, with time, an intense wave of euphoria engulfs, inducing feelings of joy, heightened perceptions, and a noticeable redness in the eyes. This is not a strain for the faint-hearted. It may also affect balance and is known to cause dry mouth.

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