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Buy Knightsbridge OG UK

Buy Knightsbridge OG UK

From the heart of London, emerges the legendary Knightsbridge OG – a strain that is as regal as its origin. Characterised by its luminous lime-green buds shimmering with crystals and an intense aroma that blends musky Kush with gasoline’s raw intensity. This Indica-dominant marvel doesn’t just stop at its arresting appearance and refreshing smell. Dive deeper, and one discovers a flavour profile that tantalises the taste buds with the rich fusion of Diesel Fuel and OG Kush. Known to offer a knockout high, its accolades speak volumes of its potency. Whether you’re an ardent cannabis enthusiast or a curious first-timer, Knightsbridge OG beckons you to indulge in an unparalleled experience.


Knightsbridge OG stands out for its luminous lime green buds that seem to be drenched in crystals. This strain shows a heavy-duty resin production that leaves one’s fingers reminiscent of the sticky texture of super glue. The buds are dense, well-cured, and have tiny, almost invisible orange hairs.


The odour profile of Knightsbridge OG is undeniably intense, captivating the senses with its musky Kush aroma, intermingled with a distinct gasoline fuel stench that has a propensity to linger long after one’s encounter with it. Such a pronounced scent can overpower carbon filters, marking its territory and leaving a lasting impression among cannabis enthusiasts.


Knightsbridge OG offers a palette of rich flavours that stays true to its aromatic promises. With a flavour profile dominated by Diesel Fuel, intertwined subtly with hints of OG Kush, the strain promises a heightened sensation to the tongue. This robust taste profile remains consistent, even when most plant material has been processed, ensuring a delightful smoking experience.


Knightsbridge OG, an Indica-dominant strain, is reputed for delivering a long-lasting, intense knockout high. While its effects on one’s mental and physical state aren’t detailed, the strain’s strength and potency are palpable from the rave reviews and its award-winning history.

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