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Buy Jaffa Berry Online UK

Buy Jaffa Berry Online UK

Jaffa Berry, a gem in the world of cannabis strains, invites connoisseurs to indulge in an experience that’s both nostalgic and innovative. Reminiscent of the well-known Jaffa Caked Cookies in appearance, yet distinct in its aromatic blend of coffee, cannabis, and berries, it promises a unique sensory journey. Its Indica-dominant nature ensures a deeply relaxing effect, perfect for evening reflections. With Jaffa Berry, uncover layers of taste and sensations, moving from uplifting highs to profound relaxation.


The first look at the Jaffa Berry strain brings to mind the glint of morning dew on a spring meadow. Covered extensively in sparkly trichomes, it possesses a particularly light hue, somewhat reminiscent of the Jaffa Caked Cookies reviewed in the past. This strain leans more towards the indica hybrid spectrum, evident from the configuration of the nugs.


On the olfactory front, Jaffa Berry’s bouquet is quite intriguing. One can detect undertones of its MOAB lineage, especially with its coffee-cannabis-berry-inspired aroma. This MOAB undertone seems to be the predominant scent, gracefully blending with notes of purple, berry, coffee, and raw cannabis.


Jaffa Berry provides a delightful gustatory experience. When vaped, the flavour profile primarily exudes dank berries with a subtle hint of purple. While the smoking experience is generally enjoyable, there’s a minor bite at the tail end. Interestingly, vaping emerges as the recommended method for consuming this strain, given the richer flavour profile it tends to offer.


Upon consuming, the initial sensations are uplifting. However, they soon give way to a deep, body-led stone, transporting one to genuine relaxation. For a strain of its potency, it’s quite surprising that it doesn’t significantly hamper conversational abilities.

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