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Buy Harambes Revenge UK

Buy Harambes Revenge UK

The allure of Harambes Revenge is undeniable. Named poignantly after the tragic 2016 incident, this strain by HighPants Genetics is a testament to masterful cannabis cultivation. With an intricate aroma profile, its earthy undertones are unmistakably tinged with notes from its Star Killer parentage. As you break open the bud, prepare to be captivated by a potent gas sure to tantalise the senses. The taste? A symphony of familiar dankness from the Original Glue, harmoniously combined with the gassiness of jet fuel. And as the effects seep in, find yourself transcending the ordinary, immersed in a blend of heightened self-awareness and sensory relaxation. An evening with Harambes Revenge promises to be both insightful and deeply calming.


A meticulous examination of Harambes Revenge reveals an impressive bud structure leaning towards an indica profile. Unlike the Melon Face strain from the previous episode, this particular strain boasts buds’ dense and packed, coloured in a delicate shade of green. The trichomes make an undeniable presence, somewhat resembling the legendary sour diesel. Interspersed within, the muted orange pistils catch the eye, and upon touch, the resin content grants the buds a slightly sticky, tactile allure.


Inhale deeply, and one’s olfactory senses are immediately treated to a clean, dank aroma reminiscent of the well-acclaimed GG4. But wait, there’s more. It’s been intensified, imbued with an earthier undertone, likely inherited from the Star Killer lineage. Breaking open the bud releases a torrent of pure, potent gas, creating an olfactory symphony that is both strong and utterly irresistible.


The palate isn’t left behind, either. Taking a drag of Harambes Revenge through a bong promises a velvety smoking journey. It brilliantly mirrors the aqueous, clean, dank taste typical of the Original Glue. To complement, there are additional notes – a blend of gassy jet-fuel flavours coupled with an earthy dankness that’s simply enchanting.


With a swift onset, the effects of this strain are both profound and multifaceted. Users are drawn into an intensified state of self-awareness while concurrently experiencing a numbing of the senses. This intriguing blend of sensations causes a perceptual shift that many find rather pleasant. While its lively energy might tempt one to indulge during the day, the deeply relaxing undertones suggest its optimal enjoyment in the evening hours.

Medical Properties

Harambes Revenge, with its tremendously relaxing effects, might interest those seeking solace from certain discomforts. Its ability to heighten the user’s sense of presence could potentially be beneficial for conditions related to anxiety and stress.


A creation by HighPants Genetics, Harambes Revenge stands out not just for its intriguing backstory but for its top-notch genetic blend of Original Glue and Star Killer. It promises a multi-layered sensory experience, from its enchanting aroma to its intricate taste profile and profound effects. A strain that is as much an ode to its namesake as it is a testament to the expertise of its breeders.

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Gram, Eighth (3.5g), Quarter (7g), Ounce (28g)


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