Buy Girl Scout Cookies (Althea™ T18) UK


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Buy Girl Scout Cookies (Althea™ T18) UK

Buy Girl Scout Cookies (Althea™ T18) UK

A modern legend – Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most widely recognized cultivars to emerge from the US or indeed any nation, marking it as one of the most popular strains of all time. Spawning other popular strains such as Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint Cookies, the genetics of Girl Scout Cookies will certainly stand the test of time. This strain is prescribed in the UK as Althea T18.


Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) displays a visually striking appearance. Its buds feature a mix of purple and green hues, demonstrating the natural diversity of the plant. Bright orange strands add to the visual appeal, interspersed through the buds. The purple leaves are not only attractive but also indicate the strain’s careful breeding and genetic quality. This distinctive appearance also serves as an indicator of GSC’s strength and quality.


GSC emits a complex array of aromas. Initially, it presents a sweet, earthy smell that becomes richer upon closer examination. The fragrance is reminiscent of opening a jar of assorted, aromatic spices, with each layer of scent unfolding smoothly. The aroma is noticeable but welcoming, setting the tone for the strain’s multifaceted flavours.


GSC offers a rich tapestry of flavours, including mint, sweet cherry, and lemon. These tastes combine to create a dessert-like sensation, akin to enjoying a high-quality sweet treat. The mint provides a refreshing element, while the cherry and lemon contribute sweetness and a hint of tang, offering a diverse flavour experience with each use.


The effects of GSC are primarily uplifting and energizing, leading to a state of happiness and creativity. Users often experience a sense of joy, hunger, and relief from stress, making it a good choice for relaxation and stimulation. The impact is durable and varied, offering both excitement and contemplation. It is particularly effective for treating conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, and loss of appetite, due to its high THC content.

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Gram, Eighth (3.5g), Quarter (7g), Ounce (28g)


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