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Buy Footloose Online UK

Buy Footloose Online UK

Stoned Circle’s Footloose is a UK-bred strain that’s visually enchanting and aromatically rich. With glistening trichomes and a spectrum of greens, whites, and blues, it’s a feast for the eyes. As you delve into its aroma, sweet purple grape Kool-Aid notes mix with spicy undertones, taking you on a sensory journey. The effects, leaning indica, offer deep relaxation, making it an ideal pick for a calming evening.


Footloose, a UK gem crafted by Stoned Circle, boasts a striking indica-leaning appearance. Its flowers shimmer, bathed in trichomes, flaunting shades of green with hints of white and blue. The badder extract, derived from BHO, gleams with a golden allure, maintaining a consistency that’s thick yet effortlessly manageable.


Footloose’s aroma tells tales of its lineage. From Purple Punch, it inherits the nostalgic scent of purple grape Kool-Aid, giving rise to a sweet backdrop. The pungency, influenced by the UGORG Cookies and UGORG #1, enriches this scent, marrying sweetness with a bold touch. When experienced, the fragrance feels like a whiff of fizzy sherbet complemented by a delicate citrus note, where sweetness reigns supreme.


A puff of Footloose reveals a delightful tapestry of flavours. Even through a bong, the sweetness stands out, with earthy whispers in the backdrop. Dabbing the extract unveils a lingering sugary essence on the tongue. As one exhales, the earthy and pungent notes gracefully dance, offering an intriguing taste adventure without any trace of bitterness.


Footloose’s effects echo its indica-leaning nature. Shortly after indulging, a wave of fatigue gently envelops, inviting one to take a seat. An increased sensitivity to light emerges, as evidenced by tiny sparkles floating into view. Interestingly, a wave-like feeling signals the high’s progression. Some foot shuffling, reminiscent of sativa strains, is noticeable, implying its diverse lineage. The overarching feeling is profound relaxation, making Footloose perfect for those mellow afternoons or tranquil evenings.

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Gram, Eighth (3.5g), Quarter (7g), Ounce (28g)


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