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Buy Deathbed Kush UK

Buy Deathbed Kush UK

With secrecy surrounding its lineage, Deathbed Kush is a rare sativa-dominant strain that promises a lively and cheerful high rather than a passive one, perhaps expected by its name. Upon exhale, the Deathbed Kush weed strain triggers a clear-headed rush, providing clarity, focus, and motivation. This energising uplift is complemented by a calming effect, keeping you grounded. Given its potent THC content and these effects, it’s often chosen to potentially manage ADD or ADHD, chronic stress, depression, fatigue, and eye pressure. Its flavour profile is creamy citrus, with a hint of spice, akin to a lemon mousse, while its aroma carries a spicier note. The buds are dense, dark, and rich in resinous trichomes.


The Deathbed Kush sample displays three small, well-trimmed nugs. Despite their size, the buds are densely packed and possess a pleasing consistency. They are adorned with a generous coat of white trichomes, creating a stark contrast against the light-green base colour with hints of darker green. The buds exhibit a meticulous trim job, devoid of any leaf remnants.


Upon inhaling the scent of Deathbed Kush, powerful citrus notes dominate the olfactory experience. The aroma carries a distinct sweetness reminiscent of sunset sherbet. Grinding the buds accentuates the sweet citrus fragrance, accompanied by a subtle earthiness that adds depth to the overall smell.


When consuming Deathbed Kush through a bong, the smoothness of the smoke is immediately noticeable and commendable. The exhale reveals a delightful sweetness that lingers on the palate, gradually intensifying as the inhale progresses. While the taste doesn’t prominently feature the citrus notes detected in the smell, it offers an enjoyable flavour. The absence of acridity makes smoking Deathbed Kush a pleasurable experience.


After a while, a notable sense of calm relaxation begins to settle in. Unlike heavy or cloudy sativas, this strain delivers cerebral effects in a clear-headed manner, allowing for a balanced experience. The high instils a state of tranquillity without overwhelming intensity, providing a calm and centred mental state

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