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Buy CaliPo Online UK

Buy CaliPo Online UK

CaliPo is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a rare find on the cannabis market due to its secretive breeding background. Its sought-after effects and potent THC levels, averaging over 22%, make it a treasure for enthusiasts. The high kicks in swiftly, providing mental clarity and motivation, making it ideal for creative activities. An energising wave accompanies the cerebral effect, but the physical high can become intense, sometimes inducing couch-lock while your mind soars. Given these effects, CaliPo is favoured for managing chronic pain, depression, fatigue, ADD/ADHD, and migraines. The buds exhibit a sour orange citrus flavour, an earthy aroma, and dense forest-green nugs with amber hairs coated in frosty amber-tinted trichomes.


CaliPo exhibits a visually appealing appearance, with solid and dense buds that are well-developed and meticulously trimmed. The bud showcases shades of light green, while the pistils adorn a rich golden colour. Trichomes generously cover the surface, giving the bud a frosty appearance. The overall presentation of CaliPo is impressive and enticing.


While the exact genetics of CaliPo remain unknown, its aroma is distinct and captivating. A strong scent of orange and citrus permeates the air, accompanied by subtle hints of grapefruit. What sets CaliPo apart from other orange-inspired strains is its sweet fragrance without the overpowering pungency. The aroma is reminiscent of a delightful orange treat, evoking childhood memories of Calippo ice lollies. The enticing scent adds to the strain’s allure.


When consumed, CaliPo unveils its potency swiftly. Inhaling it through a bong, the high hits quickly, resulting in noticeable redness of the eyes. The smoke from the bong delivers a sweet orange flavour that mirrors the strain’s aroma, albeit not overly strong. Vaping CaliPo in the Mighty Vaporizer offers a more nuanced experience, capturing the delightful notes of sweet orange with a zesty undertone. The taste is smooth, clean, and truly enjoyable. The distinct essence of Calippo ice lollies is also detectable, making vaping an ideal method of consumption for this strain.


CaliPo exerts its effects rapidly and with intensity. As a Sativa-dominant strain, it is well-suited for daytime consumption, providing an uplifting and clear-headed experience. However, the noticeable redness of the eyes observed in the video review suggests that it may not be the most discreet choice for daytime consumption. The effects of CaliPo are pleasant, inducing a sense of upliftment, creativity, and inspiration. It stimulates the mind while maintaining clarity, creating a productive and engaging experience.

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