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Buy Blues Online UK

Blues, also known as “Livers,” is a famous hybrid strain in the UK. Its origins are a well-kept secret, but many speculate Blues to be a unique phenotype of Sensi Seeds’ Skunk #1 from the 80s. Those who have chanced upon this mysterious clone-only strain describe its effects as uplifting, long-lasting, and clear-headed. Blues plants are strong and resilient, growing large buds that give off a sweet berry aroma.


Blues, or Livers, is a renowned British strain, with its origins and clone-only status adding to its allure. This sativa-dominant hybrid, also known as Livers, is a phenotype of Skunk #1 from Sensi Seeds, found in the Sheffield area of the UK. Whilst its origin story remains undisclosed, there is anticipation that Underground Originals will eventually reveal its secret. Resembling its speculated parent strains, Blues features dark green, crystal-coated buds adorned with vibrant orange hairs and sticky trichomes. Its visual appeal is further enhanced by the presence of resinous orange trichomes.


Blues emits a pungent, skunky aroma that dominates the senses. Alongside its potent scent, this strain carries heavy spice notes with underlying hints of fermenting berries. The combination of these aromatic profiles creates a unique and intriguing olfactory experience.


When consumed, Blues offers a taste profile that aligns with its aroma. The flavour is reminiscent of the scent, blending skunky and spicy notes. The undertones of fermenting berries add complexity to the overall taste, resulting in a distinctive and memorable experience.


Despite its name, the effects of Blues are far from melancholic. It initiates an uplifting and euphoric high that induces a profound sense of ease and bliss. This strain is well-suited for social situations, as it promotes chattiness and energised feelings. As the high progresses, the body enters a state of relaxation whilst the mind attains a tranquil state. These effects are long-lasting, allowing users to enjoy the euphoria and potentially stimulate their artistic side. With moderate THC levels ranging from 14.4% – 16.4%, Blues is particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with depression, bipolar disorder, stress, and other mood disorders that can benefit from the uplifting qualities of Sativa strains. It can elevate mood and provide mental clarity. Additionally, its slightly sedative properties make it suitable for mild cases of insomnia or moderate pain relief. Interestingly, despite the initial energy boost, Blues is also recommended for those experiencing mild chronic fatigue.

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