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Buy B28 Online UK

Buy B28 Online UK

B28 is a sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain that packs a punch, tastes great and is made from crossing two strain we love: Skunk #1 and Green Crack.

The B28 strain stands out for its visual appeal and optimal moisture level, making it a prime choice for video reviews and enthusiasts alike. It boasts a vibrant green colour that catches the eye and indicates quality.

the B28 strain offers a smooth smoke with an intense high that kicks in quickly. This fast-acting effect makes it appealing for those seeking immediate relief or a quick shift in mood.

B28 has distinctive skunky taste and aroma, which becomes more pronounced when smoked through a pipe. This characteristic skunkiness might not be as strong when using a water filtration system, suggesting a versatile flavour profile depending on the method of consumption.

the B28 strain ISs described as providing a complete flavour experience that both relaxes and uplifts the user. It behaves like a hybrid, delivering a balanced energy boost within minutes of consumption, making it suitable for those needing a midday pick-me-up.

B28 strain’s initial intense effects and skunky flavour profile. However, it transitions into a pleasant buzz that uplifts, embodying the desirable traits of a hybrid strain.

Overall, the B28 strain is recommended for its rapid onset of effects, unique taste, and the balanced energy it provides. Its versatility and potent impact make it a valuable addition to any cannabis enthusiast’s collection.

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Gram, Eighth (3.5g), Quarter (7g), Ounce (28g)


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