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Buy Ice Cream Cake Online UK

Buy Ice Cream Cake Online UK

Dive into the world of Ice Cream Cake, a mesmerizing strain that promises an olfactory carnival and a taste sensation unparalleled. This Indica-dominant marvel, a brainchild of Seed Junky Genetics, weaves the best of Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake into a singular, intoxicating experience. From its frosty trichome-covered appearance to its rich gassy flavour, every facet of this strain is a tribute to excellence. As the calm of its effects wash over you, discover why Ice Cream Cake stands tall as a cannabis masterpiece.


Ice Cream Cake by Seed Junky Genetics showcases one of the most captivating visuals in the cannabis world. These nugs might well be the epitome of frostiness, resembling a snowy blanket of white trichomes draped gracefully across. With a tight, stacked, and dense composition, these nugs are reminiscent of freshly frosted cake, capturing the essence of its tantalising name. A top-tier hand trim, paired with a perfect dry and cure, ensures that these nugs present themselves with an allure hard to resist.


Inhaling the scent of Ice Cream Cake is akin to diving headfirst into an olfactory carnival. A robust, pungent aroma dominated by gassy undertones strikes the senses first, followed closely by a distinctly sweet and skunky note. Upon cracking the bud open, an even more potent gassiness permeates the air, reminiscent of an OG strain but elevated with an extra layer of sweetness. The presence of pinene terpene fortifies the smell, rounding off this powerful aromatic profile that is sure to intrigue and captivate.


When it comes to flavour, Ice Cream Cake does not disappoint. Every method of consumption — be it a joint, bong, or vaporiser — promises a delectable experience. The flavour profile mirrors its aroma; every drag delivers a rich, gassy taste that harmoniously blends sweetness with a hint of pine. Vaping this strain, in particular, unveils a moreish flavour palette that tantalises the taste buds, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience.


Ice Cream Cake provides a potent indica-dominant high that encapsulates the essence of relaxation without overpowering one’s senses. Initial feelings of relaxation take centre stage without causing excessive inebriation, allowing users to engage in their daily tasks unhindered. It strikes the perfect balance between the serene tranquillity of indica strains and the uplifted chattiness often associated with sativas.

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