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Buy Guava Dawg Online UK

Buy Guava Dawg Online UK

Imagine being entranced by a berry diesel aroma so potent that it captivates every olfactory nerve. Welcome to the world of Guava Dawg, where each inhalation presents a delightful mix of mint and tropical fragrances. As you indulge, anticipate a chem/fuel zest transitioning to delightful tropical fruit notes. But Guava Dawg isn’t just about tantalising your senses. Embrace the rush of creativity, the giggles, the profound relaxation, and eventually, the comforting embrace of sleep. For those keen on cultivating, Guava Dawg proves to be an ally, accommodating even the novice grower. Dive into the Guava Dawg experience and let its myriad wonders unfurl.


A visual treat awaits those who set their eyes upon the Guava Dawg flowers. These buds boast a robust and chunky form, densely packed to the brim, exuding a sense of richness in their structure. Adorning this thick foliage is a mesmerising shade of bright green, playfully contrasted by vivid orange hairs that seem to dance over the bud’s surface. And as if this wasn’t enchanting enough, a generous frosty dusting from the trichomes bestows upon Guava Dawg a glittering finish, making it a sight to behold and cherish.


Guava Dawg is an outstanding strain, especially when it comes to the aromatic delights it has in store. A powerful berry diesel aroma envelops the surroundings, making it a strain you’d double bag just to contain its overpowering fragrance. However, once ground, Guava Dawg reveals its true essence, showering one’s nostrils with a delightful mix of minty and tropical scents. Its presence ensures that wherever it graces, strokes of fuel-like aroma linger.


From the initial intake, Guava Dawg comes forth with a chem/fuel zest flavour that might seem quite familiar to regular cannabis connoisseurs. However, the finish surprises many, leaving a pleasant mark on one’s taste buds with distinct notes of tropical fruits.


Brace oneself for an unforgettable experience after indulging in Guava Dawg. Beginning with a gush of creative euphoria that leaves one giggling and carefree, this strain ensures a holistic body high. But it doesn’t stop there. As time progresses, the Sativa elements of Guava Dawg hold their sway for a while, after which a comfortable couch-lock prepares one for a peaceful slumber.

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