Buy Gelato Strain Pre-rolled Joint – Bulk 25 for $88 UK



Buy Gelato Strain Pre-rolled Joint – Bulk 25 for £88 UK

Buy Gelato Strain Pre-rolled Joint – Bulk 25 for $88 UK

The Gelato strain is a hybrid (55% indica/45% sativa) bred from the popular Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains. Its buds are large and super dense; dark forest green in color covered with rich purple and orange hairs with a thick sticky coat of visible resin droplets. Gelato tastes just like its name – sweet like sherbet with a fruity and citrusy flavor profile. The aroma is simply sweet with a lavender berry bouquet and hints of pine. This dank bud is not only delicious but also brings on a high that is head-heavy in nature but not quite to full sedation. It starts with a cerebral head rush followed by uplifted euphoria and a slight sense of focused energy. A sense of peace and well-being have been commonly reported as an after-effect from smoking the Gelato strain. This strain is great for patients suffering from muscle spasms, inflammation, chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, and migraines.

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THC Level: 20%


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