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Buy Fiji Sunset (Green Karat) Online UK

Buy Fiji Sunset (Green Karat) Online UK

As we delve deeper into the essence of Fiji Sunset we uncover layers of complexity. Its nuanced aroma, a blend of earthy, citrusy notes with a hint of floralness, creates an immersive experience. The interplay of its parental genetics, Glazed Apricot Gelato and Grape Gasoline, results in a flavour profile that’s both unique and familiar, evoking a sense of comfort and intrigue.

Fiji Sunset’s versatility shines through its balanced hybrid nature. This equilibrium makes it a perfect choice for those seeking relief at any time of the day. Its high THC content, typically around 24%, assures a potent yet manageable experience for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

Under the care of Green Karat, the cultivation process ensures that each batch of Fiji Sunset is of the highest quality. Non-irradiated and cultivated in Canada, this strain stands as a testament to the art of cannabis cultivation and the dedication of its growers. It’s not just a strain; it’s a craft honed to perfection for the discerning cannabis connoisseur.


Fiji Sunset, a strain cultivated by Green Karat and distributed by Canterarge UK, presents an understated yet alluring appearance. Its light muted green hue is accented by copper-coloured pistils and a strikingly white coating of trichomes, giving it a unique visual appeal. Despite lacking the vibrancy of some Canadian strains, Fiji Sunset maintains a high-quality presence, evidenced by its abundant trichomes that lend a frosty appearance to the buds. This strain’s subtle elegance makes it a noteworthy addition to the cannabis collection.


The aroma of Fiji Sunset is a complex blend that intrigues the senses, with notes of red wine, cheese, and apricot. The strong terpene content is evident in its scent, which bears a similarity to the coffee-cannabis aroma of the MOAB (Mother of All Berries) strain. This diverse aromatic profile adds a layer of depth and sophistication to the strain.


When vaporised, Fiji Sunset reveals a symphony of flavours. The fruity and pungent notes are particularly pronounced, attributable to its rich terpene content. The strain boasts a flavour profile that includes apricot and sweet, smooth undertones, reminiscent of the Mother of All Berries strain with notes of coffee and red wine. This delightful taste experience secures Fiji Sunset a high score for its flavourful impact.


Fiji Sunset, with its balanced hybrid nature, is suitable for both day and night use. Containing around 25% THC, it offers a potent experience, though not the strongest on the market. The effects of this strain are both relaxing and uplifting, providing a well-rounded and enjoyable experience without being overpowering. This makes Fiji Sunset a versatile choice for various ailments.


The profile suggests a rich tapestry of aromas. Dominant terpenes like Myrcene, Limonene, and Linalool give it a citrus sour, herbal musk, and floral spice aroma.

Medical Properties

Fiji Sunset is known to offer therapeutic benefits, particularly for users seeking relief from migraines, anxiety, depression, and nausea. Its balanced nature makes it a suitable choice for medical Cannabis patients looking for a strain that offers both mental relaxation and physical ease.


Fiji Sunset is a hybrid strain that masterfully balances its heritage, offering a unique combination of flavours and effects. It is cultivated by Green Karat and distributed by Canterarge UK. The strain’s balanced effects, coupled with its complex aroma and flavour profile, make it an appealing choice for both recreational and medical users.

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