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Buy Deadhead OG Online UK

Buy Deadhead OG Online UK

Also known as “Dead Head,” “Deadhead OG Kush,” or simply “Deadhead,” Deadhead OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain resulting from a cross between Chemdog 91 and SFV OG Kush. Beloved by seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, it’s famed for its potent kick and consistent delivery of a lasting physical high. The experience is cerebral, inducing physical stimulation and mental tranquillity.

Those new to cannabis or with a lower THC tolerance should approach Deadhead OG with care. It’s the perfect companion for laid-back activities, such as watching TV or gaming. Deadhead OG’s flavour profile boasts robust, earthy tones with a hint of pine. As per growers, this strain typically flowers around the 63-day mark.


The Deadhead OG strain showcases medium-sized plants with a sturdy structure. When cultivated indoors, they typically reach heights of 30-60 inches, while outdoor growth allows them to grow between 60-80 inches tall. The buds exhibit a mossy green hue characterized by a sticky texture. They are adorned with yellow and amber pistils, and a delicate layer of trichomes adds to their visual appeal.


Deadhead OG emits a strong aroma dominated by pine and woody notes. Occasionally, a skunky undertone is also present, which can be attributed to the presence of the pinene terpene. Sweet, earthy, and spicy scents reminiscent of camphene and ocimene contribute to the overall fragrance. Additional terpenes, such as myrcene and limonene, complement the aromatic profile.


When consumed, Deadhead OG delivers a flavourful experience. The taste is characterized by the prominent pine and woody flavours, accompanied by the occasional skunky undertone. These flavour notes are attributed to the presence of pinene and other terpenes. Combining sweet, earthy, and spicy elements enhances the overall taste profile.


Deadhead OG is renowned for its potent effects. The strain produces a long-lasting body high that induces mental relaxation and physical stimulation. Users can expect an immediate onset of euphoria and an uplifting of spirits. It promotes sociability, chattiness, and even bouts of laughter. Deadhead OG also enhances focus, energises the mind, and can inspire creativity.

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