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Buy Cookies Zauce Online UK

Buy Cookies Zauce Online UK

Cookies Zauce is a potent cannabis strain blending the genetics of Girl Guide Cookies and Gorilla Zauce, and like its parents, it is bred by Black Sheep Botanicals. This cultivar has vibrant, trichome-rich buds and reveals hues of green and purple. Its enticing scent combines a sweet aroma akin to cookies with clean terpenes subtly accented by Zkittlez. Upon consumption, the taste delights with a harmonious mix of earthiness, woodiness, and creaminess. The strain’s potent sedative effects manifest within minutes, making it suitable for evening use. Despite missing specifics about its cultivation and therapeutic benefits, the strain’s overall sensory and effectual appeal keeps users coming back for more.


Cookies Zauce presents a sumptuous visual treat for enthusiasts. The nugs are adorned with luscious hues of green and royal purple, further embellished by the shimmer of dew-like trichomes. Without a shadow of a doubt, the sample bears a striking resemblance to the creme de la creme of buds found in regulated markets across the UK. It’s noteworthy that this particular bud has been tenderly raised in living soil, solely drawing sustenance from the heavens in the form of rainwater, echoing a deep-rooted respect for organic cultivation techniques.


Engaging the olfactory senses, Cookies Zauce exudes the comforting and sweet essence of freshly baked cookies. This is gracefully intertwined with the crisp terpene signature of GG 4. Whilst Zkittlez might be whispering in the background, a deeper dive into the bud unfurls a lusciously creamy fragrance tinged with bold pungency. In essence, the aroma paints a vivid and inviting olfactory landscape.


Whether you’re indulging via a traditional bong or a more modern vaporiser, Cookies Zauce promises a gustatory experience par excellence. The palate is serenaded with a harmonious blend of earthy, woody, creamy, and slightly buttery notes, all harmoniously tied together by the pronounced presence of myrcene To put it simply, every draw is a delightful journey of flavours.


One ought to approach Cookies Zauce with a touch of reverence for its potency. Merely moments post-consumption, one can feel potent ripples of its effects cascading through the body. The strain distinctly veers towards providing a deeply sedative ambiance, positioning it as an ideal companion for twilight relaxation. The overarching experience is sublime, compelling fans to rekindle their affair with this strain frequently.


Whilst the specifics of cultivating Cookies Zauce, be it its penchant for certain growing techniques or its flowering cycles, remain shrouded in mystery, what is clear is its potential for exquisite quality when grown with care.


Even though the terpene blueprint of Cookies Zauce hasn’t been laid out explicitly, the aromatic hints of cookie sweetness, the pristine terpene notes of GG 4, coupled with the gentle nudge of Zkittlez, suggest a rich and multifaceted terpene ensemble shaping its unique aroma and flavour profile.

Medical Properties

Although the text remains reticent about the specific conditions it may help with, one can’t help but speculate about its therapeutic potential, given its rich profile.


Conceived by the adept hands at Black Sheep Botanicals, Cookies Zauce is a masterful blend of the iconic Girl Guide Cookies genetics (a distinct avatar of Girl Scout Cookies) with the vibrant Gorilla Zauce, a hybrid of GG 4 and ZkittleZ. This fusion births a strain teeming with potency and a profoundly body-anchored high. Beyond its visually arresting presence, it serenades the senses with enchanting aromas and an array of delightful flavours. The profound effects of Cookies Zauce are palpable almost instantaneously post-consumption, ushering in a serene, soothing state ideal for evening reverie. Though the cultivation nuances and its medicinal virtues remain undisclosed, one thing is crystal clear: the overall experience is enticing to the core, making it nearly irresistible for enthusiasts not to revisit.

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Gram, Eighth (3.5g), Quarter (7g), Ounce (28g)


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